Susan Ware

I’m all about figuring out how life works – the inside, outside, and underneath of life. Good news is I’ve figured out some stuff that really works.
I’m also all about stopping pain and suffering and the other good news is that I’ve found some truths in life about that too.

So, that’s my purpose, the meaning in my life, the reason I get up every day – to try and make life easier and more pain free for other people.

It just so happens that I love working with teens, have worked with teens for years and I think I’ve kind of figured out a little about how you tick. So, my writing is my life purpose and it’s made specifically for you.

I’m all about helping teens to answer this question: how do I maneuver through this life experience by minimizing the pain, maximizing the joy, and finding personal meaning in each day?

If that sounds like something you would like to explore, then we’re a good fit.

If, beyond all that, you are also curious about what life is and how it works, then we’re an even better fit.

I remember being about thirteen years old, sitting in my room, looking down at my hands and wondering how I got into this body, what exactly this body was, where I was before I was in this body, how I got here and where exactly here was.

I knew there was way more to life than we recognize or talk about. And I was driven to find out what that ‘more’ was.

Since then, I read, researched, meditated, thought and wrote to find answers to my questions. As I stumbled on answers, I turned my life into a living laboratory, and tested my theories.

Sometimes I was right and other times I was way off base! But over the years I seem to have put together a ‘How to work with Life and Be Happy’ theory and practical guide.

I’m not putting myself out there as an expert. I’m saying I’ve figured this out and it works for me and for those closest to me. It worked for my students, both adult and teen, so I feel pretty safe in extending it out to you.

Now it’s your turn to turn your life into a living laboratory, test my theories, and submit your experiences to be published on this website.