Cheat Notes

Where does it all take place?

  • Sean, Dale, Sarah, and Kay live in Riverside, a small town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains
  • Xavier Steppinlow and the five, elderly gentlemen exist in a dimension of no time and no space that is parallel to Earth
  • They can see and go to Earth but those on Earth are not aware of their existence
  • The Inner Circle of Seven exist on a plane that is above all other planes of existence, where Beings can see and know all
  • Sean and his friends are in a dimension that is very close to Earth as they are being tested
  • There are infinite and endless possibilities that exist in this other dimension

Sean, Dale, Sarah, Kay


  • Main character
  • Tall, athletic, riveting blue eyes, black hair
  • Lives in Riverside – a small town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains
  • Father, who is a lawyer, has disappeared
  • Mother frazzled and useless
  • Moved to an old, broken down house
  • In trouble at school
  • Has frightening visions of the future
  • Has an anger problem
  • Feels alone and isolated
  • Hates his life


  • Sean’s best friend – they grew up together
  • Short, skinny, red hair, voice still squeaking and changing
  • Dad is a professor at a university in the nearby city of Parktown
  • Finds humour in most everything
  • Likes his life
  • Has photographic memory – kids say ‘let’s google Dale’ as he always has the information they need


  • Likes Sean and Sean admires her
  • Slim, with long brown hair, and soft brown eyes
  • Mom dies in childbirth so her father is raising her
  • Dad owns garage on the outskirts of Riverside and has a quaint and neat apartment above it where he and Sarah live
  • Dad interested in the deeper aspects of life and has taught Sarah to look deeply and question all of life
  • Sarah and Dad share a love of reading
  • Is quiet and thoughtful
  • Is timid and often afraid
  • Has a wisdom about life that is beyond her years
  • Is happy in her life


  • Sarah’s best friend
  • Parents are left over hippies who can’t make a living or a life
  • Has twin 6 yr. old brothers
  • They live just outside Riverside, on the river, close to Sarah
  • Short, athletic
  • A spitfire of a temper
  • High energy
  • Likes Dale
  • Independent and street-smart
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Angry about her life

Characters in other Dimensions of Reality

Xavier Steppinlow

  • Lowly Castle watchman
  • Job is Lowly 2nd Watchman in charge of Detection of Emergency Situations in the single, most auspicious universe of which we are aware – in other words he watches for danger and reports it to those in a higher position
  • He wants to figure out how to become 1st watchman or maybe even a member of the danger response team
  • He fumbles, mumbles, stutters, and generally finds it hard to hide his stupidity
  • He has a good heart
  • He is the one who detects a problem on earth and deals with it as best he can
  • As he figures things out, the information goes directly to Sean

Bert, Bart, Bret, Brat, and Bartholomew

  • Five, not-so-very-dignified, elderly gentlemen
  • Xavier’s advisors and counsellors
  • They are brothers who look very similar, short, slim and very old
  • They are enthusiastic, curious, excitable, anxious to help, and overly emotional
  • Sometimes more of a hindrance than a help

The Inner Circle of Seven

  • A very wise Counsel of Beings who guide and help the Universe to progress
  • They wear long robes with hoods they can raise in order to communicate with each other
  • They communicate with sounds similar to a low hum
  • They can advise those who come for help, but cannot tell them what to do as this is a Universe of free choice – each individual must figure out their own path and solutions

The Raven, Old Sir Brian and Young Sir Brian

  • These are all the same being
  • They change their forms from one to the other as they are needed
  • They are the force, direction, and power of evolution, as it leads humanity to an ever higher vibration of being
  • Their job is to bring the four teens through tests and challenges that can result in raising their understanding and actions to a higher plane
  • If this is accomplished, humanity may not self destruct