are we all connected in some way?

Imagine thinking you are a

droplet of water in the ocean,

and then finding out that

you are actually the whole ocean.

Imagine thinking you are a branch of a tree, and then finding out that you are the whole tree.
Imagine thinking you are a single human being,
and then finding out that you are all of humanity.
It would be shocking, right?

But what if this was true?

What if you are not just a single person, but actually a living cell in the huge organism we call humanity?

And …. What if you,

as this amazing living cell, had a role to play in the organism of humanity?


But just a moment .....


What would happen if

you didn’t know that you were a part of humanity?

What if you didn't know

you had a special role to play as part of humanity?
Could it cause you to feel…
alone or sad?


like you’re not prepared for what life is asking of you?

like you’re having a panic attack?

like you really don’t like your life?

like you’re not good at stuff like everyone else is?

What would happen to our world ….
if everyone knew they were a special part of all of humanity?


If they quit trying to be something they’re not
and began to find their individual role to play


if they knew that playing their role would make their own life better
and it would make the whole of humanity better?


What do you think?


Do you think it might be a good idea to delve deeply inside yourself to find who you really are?


What about exploring the concept of you existing as one single cell that is part of all the cells of humanity?


Would it change anything?

How could it not change everything?

Create your own path

If this sounds like it’s interesting and possibly true,
it’s time to experiment with it in your own life.