the simple truth about solving a problem


The best way to solve a problem is to look at it.

That’s it.

Just look at it.

This may sound extremely obvious,

but if you really think about it,

you’ll see that the majority of people hide from their problems.

They will complain about them

They’ll wish they weren’t struggling with them,

but they won’t look at them.


Why is that?

Perhaps some universal reasons would be:


it’s causing them pain and it hurts to look at it

they don’t know how to solve it

they don’t want to take responsibility for it

they don’t think it’s possible to solve it


So, if they can’t fix it, why go through the pain of looking at it?


Did you know that all problems are like a two-sided coin?


The problem is on one side and the solution is on the other.

The problem brings the solution with it, if you know how to look for it.

Perhaps now it becomes a little more obvious as to why you should look at your problem. Because the solution is hiding inside the problem.


If you knew you could stop the pain

and solve the problem,

you’d be more likely to have a look at it.

Do you think?

When you start to look at a problem, often times (not always)

you will see that you didn’t create it.

Sean’s Dad disappeared and his mother is falling to pieces.
Not Sean’s fault, but it sure is messing with his life!

So, you have some choices:

  • – blame someone else
  • – ignore it and hope it goes away
  • – look at it and try to discover the solution

Ignoring it seems to be the easier choice to make.

However, this safer, easier choice in the beginning,
becomes more and more difficult over time,
because the problem seems to expand and grow.

Eventually you can’t see your life clearly anymore.
It feels as though you’re looking through foggy glasses.

So, the safer and easier choice becomes the more difficult one with time.

It may not be fair
but the bottom line is
you are the person who has to do something about it. 

There is a method that works
that you can use to look at your problems

Want to try?

Sean is told that honor means to:

Look inside himself to find the best that he can be
Look outside himself to find the best he can do
Then to go out and change his world

Unfortunately, you can’t find the best you can be and the best you can do,
without uncovering the worst that you are.

That’s because we all hold good stuff and not-so good stuff in us. All of us.

Want to know a secret? The key to solving problems lies in transforming things. Transforming the not-so-good stuff in us to good stuff.

And that is possible.



That’s what Sean must learn as he is guided through his difficult challenges.


If he does learn how to transform his dark side to a positive gift that he can give the world, he will be able to uncover his purpose and potential.


Which will utterly transform his life. If he can do it.


This turning our

dark side into a positive strength,                                                                      

confusion into understanding,

pain into potential

is one of the deepest secrets of being human.


We always rally behind the leaders in our world who are able to do this.


We love characters in movies and books who can do this.


Because it strikes a truth we hold deep inside each of us that says,

That is my purpose! I can do that too!

Create your own path

Have you made a decision yet?

Have you decided to try and learn how to find the solution that is hiding in your problem?