what if … you could find any answer you needed?



What if …. you could find any answer you needed?

Many years ago, when my life was extremely hard, and felt almost impossible, I began to write down my thoughts and feelings on paper.

Over time, I discovered this expression of my thoughts and emotions was an incredibly powerful tool I could use in so many ways. It was called journaling.

Journaling is the act of writing down your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and assumptions about a situation in your life.

Writing down what you think and feel
is the way you involve yourself in your life
so you will understand it.

It’s not anything like the writing you do for school!

There’s no worry about correct writing or spelling.
This is you, writing to you,
and there is no right or wrong way to do it

In fact this should be you writing to you
and to absolutely no one else


This is for your eyes only

Why is that?

Because you will only be honest with yourself
if you know for sure that no one else will read it

And journaling doesn’t work if you’re not honest with yourself

That warrants repetition!

Writing out your thoughts and feelings doesn’t work
if you’re not honest with yourself!

Sometimes I promise myself I will burn or shred what I write
because it could hurt someone I love if they read it.
That’s how I stay honest with myself

So, why does writing down what you think and feel give you answers to your life problems?

Let’s look at you as having four parts



the child who hurts and cries


the wise sage (person) who knows everything


the ideal self – you with all your potential fulfilled


the person you are each day who contains all this
Most of us live our whole life without knowing or even being aware that we have inside of us:

a child who cries
a wise sage who knows everything
an ideal self that holds all our potential

And most of us live our whole life without knowing how to contact these parts of us

Journaling is how you contact these parts of yourself

So, how does this whole process work?

So glad you asked!

You start with #1 – the child who cries and

you write down what is hurting you right now – all of your hurts, no matter how small or silly they may seem to be – if you feel it, it’s real.

  • What is making you cry or be sad?
  • What is someone doing to you that is making you feel broken?      
  • What is making you feel so alone?
  • What is making you sooooo very angry?
  • What is making you feel helpless?
This is an extremely important part of the whole process.
If you don’t get all the pain out
you won’t be able to get to the next stage
When I first started journaling
it took me three months
to write out all the pain I was feeling
But then the most amazing thing happened
There was a silence in me and a peace that I had never experienced before
All the pain was gone
That was when I discovered the wise sage (wise person) inside me
It was a quiet place with answers

Instead of writing out my pain
I started writing out answers and solutions to my pain

And they were good answers!

I had discovered that day by day,
I could write out what was bothering me
and then find understanding and answers in that situation

What a gift!

So, what about the ideal self? The potential you hold?

That came a little later

As I continued to carry on this inner dialogue on paper
I began to get glimpses of my potential,
my talents, abilities, skills,
things I could contribute to the world

That was many years ago – too many to mention –
and I have never stopped journaling

Why would I ever give up a gift so profound and precious?

Why would you not try to find this gift so profound and precious?

Create your own path


Try it – put pen to paper or fingers to computer – just see what happens. Or read on for more help in how to do this