judgement is your worst enemy

How could judgement be an enemy?

It puts you on one side – the right side

Because it automatically divides you.

And puts the other person on the other side – the wrong side

How can you be connected and together when you’re divided like that?

If finding how we’re connected is what we’re after What we’re trying to discover Then judgement is the fastest way to fail But what if the person you’re judging really is wrong? But what if there was no such thing as being right? How could that possibly be???
If we go back and look at perception How each of us sees the world through our own lens If our perception has been formed through our own individual experiences Then Could it be that we’re both right? That each person is seeing the situation through their individual perception And that perception is right and makes sense to them But not to you

What if a teen lived in a ghetto where there were gunshots every night

And another teen lived on a farm in a very peaceful rural neighborhood


A gunshot sounds

The teen from the ghetto crouches and searches for safety
The teen from the farm figures his neighbor is shooting gophers in his field

To each teen, given their background, their reaction and perception of the situation is correct!

Is it possible to consider that the other person’s point of view is right for them And your point of view right for you?

What if you tried to understand the other person’s viewpoint Instead of trying to get that other person to understand your viewpoint?

What do you think would happen?

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