my purpose and how it unfolded in my life

I didn’t find my purpose.

It found me.

When I was young, the pain or suffering of others felt like my own pain.
I think I probably suffered more than the actual person who was hurting.

It almost broke me.

As I aged, and was struggling to understand exactly how life worked, I began to see systems and patterns in life that helped me to understand exactly what suffering was.

I began to understand how to work with suffering by following its lead.

Eventually I came up with the system I work with now.
So the worst difficulty of my life led me to my purpose and the meaning in my life. The worst difficulty of my life led me to write the books I write and to give this website to you


It’s almost like life sets the stage in our younger years for our purpose to unfold.

Instead of rebelling against the pain, follow it!

Instead of hiding from the pain, transform it!

We’re not meant to stay in our pain, we’re meant to use it to move forward into a greater version of ourselves.


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