what exactly is honor and why is it so important?

Honor is the ‘by-product’ of traveling south and traveling south is so important because it’s the only way you will ever find real happiness
Sean and Dale were told that honor was to
Look inside, find the best you can be, and be it
Look around you, find the best you can do, and do it
And then watch your world change!
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table were honorable and their purpose as they moved through the kingdom was to bring honor into their every action
If you think about it a friend who is not honorable would probably be a horrible friend to have

They would:

  • never treat you with respect
  • often lie to you
  • not stand up for you if others were putting you down
  • often try to get you to do something you didn’t feel right doing
  • not be any help in making important life decisions
  • could not be counted on in a crisis
  • not be open and honest with you
  • never truly care about you
  • never have your back

I probably don’t need to go on and on
You get the picture
So, how do you find a friend who is honorable?

Be an honorable friend 🙂 

Watch yourself, your thoughts, and emotions as you go through your day, and watch others the same way. Use honor as a way of assessing what’s going on in you and in those people around you.


Decide if you want to be an honorable friend. Make a conscious decision about that and then set out to monitor your thoughts and actions so you can attain that goal. It will take time. Be gentle with yourself. Then watch how your friendships change. Write to me about it.


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