what is the media doing to you?

Through no fault of your own you are being programed, conditioned and even owned by the media, TV, movies, advertising, marketing, gaming, networking, and social media.



They want to sell you stuff so they advertise to you showing you what you should buy, how you should act, what you should think and say. If they can control the choices you make, they will make money.



You are immersed in this media everywhere you go. We all are. It’s part of our conditioning or software program that is fed to us everyday by our society.


It’s the matrix that keeps our consumer-based society functioning and it’s feeding off all of us who buy into its message. That’s quite an extreme statement to make! Do you want to take a closer look at this?

Our consumer-based culture has created a world rooted in owning things – more and more things

Our media-based culture has created a world rooted in violence, revenge, greed, and power.

Do you own the choices you make? Or does your society make them for you?

What culture are you swimming in?

What beliefs and assumptions do you accept as true in our media and consumer- based culture?

Can you separate yourself from the society and culture you were born into?

Can you think for yourself or is there such a thing? Where does your programing end and you start?


Create your own path:


Watch TV


Keep on gaming


Go to the movies


Watch the internet


Look at facebook, tweets, and social networking


Look at advertisements everywhere

And always watch for what unspoken and invisible messages are given to you.

Click … to view invisible messages


Popularity comes with good looks and access to money, possessions, and prestige


It’s alright to hurt someone if they have harmed you


It’s alright to cheat to get the grades you need


Being yourself won’t make you popular – you have to play the right role



Movies, ads, magazines, TV tell you how you should dress, think, act, and who you aspire to become


Meeting your needs is not enough – you need more


Violence is an acceptable way to ensure your safety, lifestyle and possessions



Revenge is a reasonable response

Create your own path