let’s start a revolution

A revolution is when a group of people say ‘NO” to the way things are and then try to change it to a better way.
Sometimes revolutions are good and sometimes they’re very bad -that depends on the vision the revolutionaries have for society.

Maybe their ‘better way’ is good for the society and maybe their ‘better way’ is bad for society.

So, why am I talking to you about revolutions?   Because I am seeing something in our society that needs to be changed   It’s the pain you live in everyday.

What pain?


stress, anxiety, and depression


peer pressure to do things you don’t want to do


self mutilation through cutting and slashing


school shootings


addiction to drugs and alcohol


cyber bullying



This is serious stuff! And I don’t think you feel equipped to deal with it.

I think you feel like a leaf adrift on the water, with no power to direct where you go

I think you feel like you don’t know how to cope.

 I think you feel alone.

I think you feel as if you are trying to surf without a surf board.

I think we need to help you figure this all out.

So, let’s begin by looking at the cause of this crisis you are in.

You see, our society is kind of broken, and you are growing up in this kind of broken world, trying to find wholeness, answers, and direction. It’s really not fair to you at all.

So, what’s broken?

Our thinking about ourselves and the world is broken.

If your thinking is broken, the world you see through those thoughts has to be broken too

  • What are our broken thoughts? Thought you’d never ask
  • We think we’re separate from each other
  • We think we can make ourselves feel better with things – more clothes, bigger house, better car, higher paying job
  • We think we’re not a part of, or connected to, the Earth
  • We think that if we hurt someone else, it won’t hurt us
  • We think our thoughts and emotions don’t affect our lives or others
  • We think we’re a body, separate from everything around us – that there is a division between us and everything around us
  • We think events happen to us randomly, coming at us out of nowhere
  • We think we are helpless in the midst of these events

Now the good news!

There is a new wave of awareness and insight waiting for you to discover and run with.

There is a way you can go deep inside the inside of your life and discover how to make it whole

You have the power to bring something new into our world that we have never known before

You can discover how to leave the pain behind and become the leaders of your generation

So how do you do this?

Well, you don’t go out into the world to try and change it

You go inside yourself to make the change

This is a revolution that begins inside you

Spreads to your friends

To your family and if you are successful

To the world around you

You make the change in you and just like a droplet of water in a still pond

Your inner change will ripple out from you bringing a different world

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

That is the only way to bring about a true change in your life – ‘be the change’ yourself

This is a new kind of revolution, a going inside yourself revolution,

but its power will spread out all around you

Create your own path

This is no small thing you are attempting to do, should you choose to do it

As a normal revolution is no small thing