are you controlling your dance?

There is a new wave of awareness and insight waiting for you to discover and to run with

That’s an exciting thought.

Let’s look a little closer at what’s waiting for you to change

Our world today is based on corruption, money, and power

The person, the corporation, the government, the institution with the greatest amount of power and money always wins.
There are countries who hold all the power and money,
and there are third world countries that have very little.

So, what does all this look like in your world?

There are always those in your school who hold the power –

  • most popular,
  • best looking,
  • most money,
  • bully
And they are willing to do anything to hold onto that power

  • Bully others
  • Control other people
  • Make fun of those who don’t measure up in their eyes
  • Use money to get what they want from people
In short, they will do whatever it takes to hold onto their power
Your job?

There are aspects of these traits in all of us

Yes – we all hold some aspect of these traits


Your job is to

look inside yourself to find any shred of this in you

And then systematically work to let it go

As you let it go in yourself, it will begin to disappear in your life

It’s almost magical how this happens


Yes, you heard me correctly

As you let it go in yourself, it will begin to disappear in your life

There’s a tool you need to find and figure out how to work with

If you’re going to change yourself and your world

It’s kind of like slow dancing with someone.
If you both keep dancing the same way, the dance will stay the same

But, if you change the way you dance ( as in make a change in yourself)

Your partner has to do one of two things


Change the way they're dancing (make a change in themselves)




Step off the dance floor

You can’t change the dance(or your situation) any other way


Not by yelling at your partner to dance differently

Not by feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t like the way the dance is

Not by complaining to your friends about it

Not by locking yourself in your room on a hunger strike

As long as you’re dancing the same way, and your partner is dancing the same way

Nothing will change

So, what do you do?


You look deep inside yourself and figure out what negative traits you hold inside you that is creating this dance you don’t like


You look to see if there are any beliefs or assumptions that are making you think and feel a certain way – that is then making you act a certain way

If you can change the way you think, feel, and act

Your dance or situation has to change.


It takes a while, so you have to stay consistent in what you think, feel, and do

That’s how you change a situation in your life

And that’s how you begin to change your life


When you’ve mastered that, you can take the same system to change

Your friendships

Your family

Your school

And our world that so needs your help!

Create your own path