do you have the strength of character and courage to change our world?

There is the winner

And the loser

There is success or failure.

It’s this way or that way, but it can’t be both

It’s us or them, but it can’t be both

If you really think about it, our whole world is based on separation, not on unity or oneness.
SO WHAT? I hear you saying. That’s just the way it is.
Yes, it is the way it is – but it doesn’t have to be one and not the other


That’s the old way of thinking that can dissolve in your path,

Which will make room for you to bring a new wave of higher awareness to us

Which could change the way humanity thinks and acts



Yes, you can do that if you choose to

And it’s you who can do this

Because it has never been the job of older generations to discover new ways of being!


OK, should you choose to travel this path, what do you do? How do you start?


You have to begin to


See differently


Think differently


Act differently


Live differently

What would be the basis of this new way of seeing, thinking, acting, and living?

Let use a metaphor from my book, Quest of a Teenage Mystic


Let’s go back to using a tree as a symbol of humanity.

each leaf is a single person,

each twig, perhaps a city or state

the larger branches are countries

and the whole tree then becomes all the people on earth.

If you look closely at a tree, you will see that every leaf, twig, and branch is really part of one object.

All of it is the tree.

What if one twig was to become diseased? All the leaves on that twig could possibly die. Eventually, the rest of the branch may die too.

In fact, the whole tree could die because one twig or branch became diseased

This new way of seeing and thinking is to look at all the people of the world as interconnected and part of one single body, humanity.


We are all cells that make up the organism of humanity.


If we incorporated this new way of seeing and thinking into our present lifestyle, we would collide with an immediate and glaring conflict of thought:

What would this conflict of thinking look like in your world?

If we are all one and connected, then . . .


Do we hurt another person in order to protect ourselves?


Do we gather more ‘stuff’ at the expense of another person?


Do we cooperate or compete?


Is popularity important if we have to hurt someone to get it?

Countless questions could arise from this very simple paradigm shift

From this new point of view, our movies and reality television seem senseless and counterproductive

If we are all one and connected, then . . .


Why would we cheat someone to get what we want?


Why would we cut ourselves, rape, or shoot someone?


Why would we want to get revenge on someone?

Here’s the question of the day – could the pain and suffering of all of humanity be rooted in the one simple statement that

We are all connected and a part of each other and everything around us

If that were the ‘truth of life’ could we be causing our own pain?

Is all of humanity causing its own suffering by living as if we were not connected?
Is the infected leaf infecting the branch and the whole tree?
Is the belief that you are separate from me causing your pain and mine?
Are you ‘shooting yourself in my foot?

Do you and your generation have the power to change this?

and if you do

Do you want to use that power to stop the pain and suffering inherent in life?

I am handing the gauntlet of this new path to you

with great love and certainty that you can do it!

Now use your own life and your social network to go out and change our world!