you are not a body. you are life itself

Excerpt: Quest of a Teenage Mystic, page 198-199

Sean heard no more.  He let go to the sound of the river, the breeze in the trees, the smell of the forest, the feel of the leaves and soil beneath him, the magnificence of the forest before him.  He allowed himself to let go into each leaf, each ray of sunlight.  And he began to expand with each second that he let go.

A hawk’s cry echoed over and under itself, as it reverberated throughout the forest.  Absolute silence whispered in every particle of air, creating a potent emptiness that embraced Sean.  In this emptiness, he knew that in the absence of everything, lies all there is.  A mist began to rise off the waters to welcome a soft rain, and from deep inside, he felt a slight opening to the emptiness.  Shivers of peace shimmered throughout his body.  “I’m here.  I’m now,” the shivers seemed to say. 

He expanded further to become huge and flowing.  He was the river, the breeze.  No, he was more than that.  He was all he had ever been.  He was spectacular, an endless, expanding creation.  He was not a body, he was not Sean.  He had been so many bodies, so many names, but they had never been who he really was.  How could he have forgotten this?  He was a huge and magnificent creation that forever exploded into greater creation.  How could he have forgotten that he was a continual explosion of Love? 

“This is me!”  he cried.  “I am!”  And these words carried him higher.  He rose above mountains, worlds and universes, all who were him, who shared him.  It was then that he felt a Presence all around him, exploding with him, because of him, helping him.  He became so huge and expansive, that something broke and he understood the word limitless.  He extended forever.  There was no end, no beginning, no limit, no loss.  There was only extension… forever, forever extension.  And all this was One, without division. He was deep inside the inside of Life, and deep beneath the underneath of Life.  He let go even more and disappeared completely.


What if it was true?

What if you were more than just a body?

What if your true identity

was Life Itself?


What if you were Life Itself

and as Life Itself

you are playing hide and seek with yourself?

Here’s how the game goes –
You hide yourself in a body
and pretend that you are a person
and no matter how hard you look
you can never find yourself

No matter how hard you look
all you ever find is a body
Very weird
but could it be true?
So there you are
looking out of the eyes of your body
pretending that’s all you are

Experiment by trying to find yourself.

Are you your emotions, or do they flow through you coming from ‘somewhere’ and then going ‘somewhere’?

Are you your thoughts, or do they flow through you coming from ‘somewhere’ and then going ‘somewhere’?

Are you your body, or do you have other experiences without your body when you are asleep and dreaming?

Play with this but don’t take it too seriously. If you take hide and seek seriously, it could get very frustrating, and it wouldn’t be fun anymore 🙂

Create your own path

Experiment by trying to find yourself.