just get out of the way!

Excerpt from, Quest of a Teenage Mystic, page 107 to 108
Now, shall we gather together and move on to our job at hand?” Sir Brian queried.

“By all means,” Xavier replied. “Exactly what would our job at hand be?”

“I heard you say you needed to figure out what to do next for Sean.”

“Well, yes, but didn’t you then say we didn’t need to do anything?” Xavier asked.

“And, of course, I was correct, as always,” snapped Sir Brian.

“But, didn’t you just say we needed to move on to the job at hand?”

“Of course, and always the job at hand is to stay out of the way,” Sir Brian snapped. “Why oh why, can’t people just stay out of the way? Life would be incredibly simple, if everyone left everything alone. If people would quit meddling and muddling, interfering and intruding, sticking their noses where their noses have no business being! If they would just butt out I could do my work!!” With these words, Sir Brian began to rock back and forth, on his ever-so-very, unsteady feet.

Xavier and his Counselors jumped up immediately, in order to support, catch, hold, or carry Sir Brian, depending on what might be required.

“Just leave me alone!” the old man hacked, “See, there you go. You’re doing what people always do, and it just messes things up.”

Xavier and his Counselors gaped at each other in turn. “He never makes any sense,” whispered Brat. “Never!”

“I always make sense!” moaned Sir Brian. “Always! The problem doesn’t lie with me not making sense. It lies with no one understanding what is actually happening at any given moment. How you continue to exist as a species never ceases to amaze me. You should have self-destructed eons ago. But you always seem to hang on by a thread. If it weren’t for me, none of you would be here right now. So, just shut up, listen, and try to understand.”

This rather long monologue seemed to tax Sir Brian utterly. He began to wheeze and sneeze, totter and tip. He leaned and careened and fell to his knees. He gasped and rasped, and fell forward onto his forehead, with his bony bottom indecently stuck up into the air. A wisp of sound could be heard beneath his gasps for breath. “Don’t touch me. Just… don’t…”

Xavier and the five, not-so-very-dignified, elderly gentlemen were, at that very moment, inches away from touching him and helping him. They froze in mid-air. It was into this rather bizarre scene, that Elise whisked in the room to remove the breakfast dishes. She too, froze on the spot, as she took in the immobilized scene before her. “What..?”

Suddenly, and with absolutely no warning, Sir Brian drew in a powerfully long breath, sat up on his knees, and then leapt to his feet. “Where were we?” he exploded.

“Quit standing around with your mouths at your knees, and let’s get on with it,” he spat. “We don’t have all day, you know. As a matter of fact, we are late already.”

So, what does Sir Brian mean when he says we should just get out of the way?




This is what Sir Brian was talking about when he said get out of the way. The Universe is functioning in a way that is perfect – always. Exactly what you need or where you need to be is exactly what you have and where you are.
I hear you – yelling at your computer screen telling me that what I just said is totally and completely wrong.

But who is it that is yelling at me?

The perfect Universe

the individual person who thinks you know what is best for you?


Even though you don’t know exactly
who you are
what you are
where you were before you were here
where here is
how you got here
what the reason for life is
where you’re supposed to be going
what you’re supposed to be doing
what success even means
and probably a few other questions as well


you definitely know what you need

Yes Sir!

Sorry, that may sound a little harsh, but I can’t think of a more gentle way to say that

We Don’t Know Anything

and the sooner we figure that out, the sooner our lives will get a whole lot easier

It’s like standing in the middle of a raging river that is trying to get you to float downstream with it,
but instead you’re fighting the waters with everything you have to get upstream.

That’s what most of us do

Because we don’t know what the stream is for, and we don’t know what is downstream waiting for us,

Because we think we know what is upstream and we think that upstream is best for us.

Even though we don’t know

who we are
what we are
where we were before we were here
where here is
what the reason for life is
where we’re supposed to be going
what we’re supposed to be doing
what success even means
and probably a few other questions as well

I sound like I’m making fun of you and I’m definitely not!

Remember I’m the person who can’t stand to see another person suffer.

I’m just trying to get you to see that there is a view other than your own in your situation

That the other view could bring your suffering to an end or at the very least, lessen that suffering considerably

And that you should try to find that other view

Look at a situation that you are not happy in. Write out what is happening In that situation and what you would like to happen in that situation.

Then try to rise above what you want and look at other possibilities of what that situation could be for? Where could the Intelligent Universe be trying to lead you in that situation. Doubt yourself. Question whether the outcome you want is the very best for you.

Try to step out of the situation, let go of it, and trust that something good will come out of it if you take your wants and desires out of the picture. This is not easy. Having a friend look at this with you could help.

Create your own path