change your thinking, change your world


Change the shape of your thinking and you change the shape of your life. Let’s look at a whole lot of beliefs and assumptions you might hold onto that are shaping your life.
Most people are basically good
Most people are basically mean
Most people are basically selfish
Most people are basically thoughtful
Most people are basically dependable
Most people are basically untrustworthy
This world is a place that is violent
This world is a place that is gentle and forgiving
This world is a place that is threatening
This world is a place that is unsafe
This world is a place that is very safe
I usually feel nervous
I usually feel happy
I usually feel depressed
I usually feel stressed
I usually feel successful
I usually feel optimistic about my future
I usually feel dread about my future
I am a good person
I am a trustworthy person
I am a lonely person
I have an addictive personality
I never have enough time
I can be depended upon in a crisis
I am always bored
I can handle anything that comes my way
I always seem to need help from other people
I never have enough time
I’m pretty lazy
I’m very shy
I’m outgoing and a party favourite
There is always a miracle around the corner
Nothing ever seems to work out for me
I can’t lose weight
I have too many strikes against me to ever succeed in life
I can’t seem to keep friends
My friendships are long lasting and solid
People come to me when they need help
I get angry quickly
I never seem to get angry
I’m easily frustrated
Learning is hard for me
Learning is really easy for me
I really don’t like school
I can never hold down a job
School is my favourite place

If you don’t like the results you’re getting in your life – change them!

So what do you do if you have a bunch of negative beliefs going on?

  1. Watch your thinking and catch yourself in negative thoughts 
  2.  Take a moment to question your thinking, to question whether it’s good thinking that will bring good things 
  3.  Sit in emptiness for a minute or so or count to ten slowly, before you react to a situation 
  4.  Decide how you want to respond to the situation, instead of blindly reacting to it 
  5.  Remember, you are actually reprogramming yourself by doing this and it will take a while – this isn’t an overnight thing 

Repeat this process whenever you find yourself locked in negative thinking and ready to react in a destructive way

All the while you’re doing this, search to see if you can find what belief, or assumption about yourself, others, or the world, is lying beneath that particular negative reaction.

Remember, most of our beliefs and assumptions are not necessarily true,

but we don’t question them
and we blindly react from them all the time.

And also remember:

If you don’t like the results you’re getting in your life – change them!