how to solve the puzzle of your life

Do you think that it’s possible that
our world,
our situation,
the people in our lives,
and the immediate environment that we live in,
is a fully integrated system, whole, and connected.

What would happen if we began to see ourselves, and each day we encounter, as a part that is functioning out of this whole and connected system?
What if we knew that the answers we’re looking for each day are floating somewhere in this integrated system?

Want to discover how to find the pieces and fit them together?

Want to discover how each day is a puzzle for you to solve?

Would you believe that each day can hold the excitement of a treasure hunt?

Decide what the pressing situation
or problem in your life is right now.

Learn to boil it down and simplify it into
one or two sentences,
and then pare those sentences down to a question

One single question that becomes your question of the day
It can be something you need to figure out or understand about yourself, life, other people, or a particular situation – anything that is truly ‘puzzling’ you

You have to really want to find this answer or the system won’t work

178124413sPlace this question of the day solidly in mind,

with the certain knowledge

that we will always find what we look for


Your purpose over the next few days, or maybe weeks,

is to look for and watch for any person, place or thing

that will lead you to find your answer

You are now entering the world of your soul,
So you need to recognize the language it speaks
The soul speaks in metaphor, pictures, and quiet whispers


I was once in a bookstore
searching for the answer to a concept I was struggling with
I turned toward a bookshelf and noticed for a split second
that one particular book really stood out from the others
If I had not been paying attention, I easily could have missed it



But I was paying attention
and I found the answer I was looking for and more in that book
I know I’m not alone in experiences like this.

With the connectedness of all life in mind,
we watch and listen very carefully
to who is around us and what is happening
Always with the ‘question of the day’ in mind

There is no time limit on when this answer may come to us
We may have to go through one or two experiences
before we’re ready to hear the answer,
so we must be mindful

and remember the question we asked!

85322671sThe next step is to have the
courage to act on the answer we receive
Sometimes this is easy (buy the book that stood out on the shelf)
and sometimes it’s not so easy
(be completely honest with your friend about how you feel)
Very often it takes courage to act on the answer we receive,
because it requires growth on our part

We have to become more today than we were yesterday

Create your own path

So, go ahead and use these steps again and again

every time you find yourself confused about a situation