Quest of the Living Tree


You and your generation ARE the living tree

and this website is YOUR book – your living quest

Remember the analogy of the tree?

That we are all leaves on the one tree of humanity?

That we are all connected and are one being?

This creation of yours is not a paper book that you can hold in your hand

It’s a living website where you share your experiences together

Where you connect with others who are on this same quest with you


This is a living book because it never ends

As long as the Living Tree – which is you –

Is on a quest, the book continues to be written


In a way you could say it is a never-ending book

A living network book

Or Live-Net-Book

This Live-Net Book will breathe life into your search for the truth of your existence


It will be a continuous record and reflection of your quest for yourself

that is shared with all of you



This Live-Net-Book is where you experiment together


and discover your intimate connection


where you use each other as a spring board of inspiration


How do you become an author?

If you are truly interested in putting the theories of my book and website to the test

You are the right person to become an author

What do you do?

You simply send in expressions of the experiences you have

as you experiment with these ideas and concepts in your life


I’m looking for…














































or any other creative expression you want to submit to this site







This is not a comment page – the page for comments is called, let’s talk


This is where you send in your polished and best work

as you would if you were submitting to a publisher for a book


These are your peak experiences,

your powerful moments of understanding and inspiration


This is where you give the best of your experience to all those who are on this path with you


What worked?

What didn’t work?

What was your wildest success?

How is this working in your relationships?  

What amazing discoveries about life have you made?


I’m not of your generation

so I can’t imagine how all this will translate in your lives


I’m the map, but you will travel the road


Only you know what will unfold!

Only you can tell this story

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